Please know that in my spirit, my deepest desire with my website, Instagram and everything else is ONLY to inspire ladies to dress modestly. If one person is positively influenced to take a personal stand for modesty in their life, I will feel I have done what I’ve set out to do. If one person decides to add a tank top under a low cut top or reaches for a skirt in the store rather than a pair of pants, I will rejoice to my God in Heaven that I was able to shine a light down the path to modesty. I am NOT out to preach doctrine or dispute scriptures or squabble over if a pair of knee high Converse are too “worldly”. If YOU want to do those things, then I whole heartedly encourage you to open your own blog and tell the world all about it.

Recently, as the popularity of Apostolic Swag has grown on Instagram, there have been people voicing negative opinions to some of the outfits I have posted. If the comments were something like “I like the dress, but I would have put different shoes with it.” I would be totally fine with it. Everyone has different fashion tastes. But when you pass judgment on one of my posts, claiming that it does not meet your holiness standards, all you are doing is opening up a door for argument. You are not only saying that you think the creator of the outfit is a carnal influence, but you are calling every single person who liked it and commented on it carnal as well. Even if you are trying to be kind about it, it WILL start an argument. And in order to keep peace and not hurt anyone, I will delete your comment.


The scriptures say not to compare ourselves with other people for good reason. It isn’t a fair comparison to judge a new convert with the same judgment that you might judge yourself if you’ve been raised in church your whole life. I hold myself to, what some people may consider, a high standard of modesty that speaks of separation unto God (holiness). But I’m sure there are others out there who hold an even higher standard, and those who are less consecrated.

We’re all brothers and sisters in the Lord. We’re here to uplift each other, not tear each other down. Not in person or online. And if you don’t have anything nice to say … well, maybe you should pray about that. lol But always, you should keep it to yourself.  : )

Thanks for hearing my heart. I love you all!
And as always, God bless in Jesus’ Name!
~ Jess


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