Every Apostolic girl knows how hard it is to find modest clothing these days. And even when you think you’ve found a perfect knee length skirt, once you try it on you are sadly disappointed. Or you find a cute top, only to realize that while it looks high necked, it’s so WIDE necked that when you move it threatens to expose your chest. Thus requiring you to improvise and layer. And so on.

Well, sit back and let me recant to you a tale from one of my own “Adventures In Modesty”.

I have a super cute pair of floral wedges and I really wanted to get a pink pencil skirt to match them. I looked for months, but to no avail. Then one day I walked into a store and there was the perfect skirt hanging on the rack! Looking into the fitting room mirror, the skirt barely covered where I felt was modestly comfortable. But I wanted it SO badly and I bought it anyway.

As I was dashing around the house the following Sunday, getting the family ready, I noticed that the skirt rode up and that the slit hit much higher in the back than I remembered when I had tried it on. I pushed the nagging of conviction down and kept my beloved skirt on.

While I mingled with friends before service, I caught myself eyeing the length of other ladies skirts. It was easy to justify my own length based on some of theirs and I felt more comfortable. In spite of myself, The Lord convicted me about comparing myself with others as I scoped the room by reminding me that we were not all at the same place spiritually and that I needed to be an example. I did it anyway and the nagging of conviction softly slipped away.

When my rotation of dress clothes brought me back to that pink skirt, though, the conviction came again. This time I put the skirt on, then took the skirt off, laid it on my bed, paced back and forth, huffed and rubbed my face. Was I going to do it again? I decided I would not, but I wasn’t particularly happy about it. The skirt got hung back in the closet where I would periodically look at it and sigh. One day I just had enough of all the lamenting over that skirt and I took it in my hands, looked up to heaven and said aloud, “Lord, you don’t want this for me and so I don’t want it either!” And with that, I folded the skirt and stuffed it in a bag to take to the thrift store (where someone shorter than myself could get use of it).

Picture of me sporting my new, modest, pink pencil skirt!

Me sporting my new, modest, pink pencil skirt with my hubby! See the outfit here.

The following weekend I went shopping with my mom and sister as I normally did. I hadn’t told anyone about my pink skirt experience except my husband and it wasn’t on my mind at all. As we’re shopping my mom pulled from a rack … A PINK PENCIL SKIRT! This time the skirt was made out of a fabric I liked even better, it fell 2 inches below my preferred modesty line, it was on clearance AND my mom ended up buying it for me!

What’s the moral of this story? When you make up your mind to follow the leading of the Holy Ghost and take a personal stand for modesty, Jesus will bless you for it!

Has God dealt with you about holiness? I’d love to hear all about YOUR Adventures In Modesty! Please leave me a comment below!

God bless you all in Jesus’ Name!

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